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Bio-Well Sessions

The Bio-Well device consists of a desktop camera and a software that allows us to measure the energy of the whole body, meridians, systems and organs. The measurements are done by capturing the energy in each finger. This technology has been proved for more than 20 years finding correlations with medical cases, although it is not a medical diagnosis tool it gives clarity about lack or excess of energy in the body and magnetic field that can be either present at the moment or will be manifested if no actions are taken towards healing.

In the combined session we will make readings before and after the sound healing therapy, allowing us to focus on the energy centers and organs that are requiring attention and to notice the changes the therapy produces in terms of energy. The benefits of sound healing (which you already have) can be added to the description.

Just a reminder that these sessions are to be offered to your clients in their private residences, if they require to go to a studio in Abu Dhabi city the session must be held at Bodytree Studio. 

Below are some of the graphic readings from the Bio-Well device:


Figure 1: Energy level of the whole body


Figure 2. Energy and alignment of each chakra or energy center

Bio-well-energy reserves and organs.jpg

Figure 3. Energy reserves at a cellular level and energy in each organ and system of the body

Bio-well-Balance between l&r.jpg

Figure 4. Energy balance between left and right sides of the body 

Bio-well-stress energy levels.jpg

Figure 5. Stress, energy and balance reading

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